Product and Service

Developing an App or a Website is an exercise in reducing uncertainty. Our User Experience (UX) Research Network helps you in every step of that path. We help you build personas, validate your business case, or optimize your conversion and sales funnel.

UX Research

The research phase can happen in every step of the process and we can help with Qualitative and Quantitative Research, either through questionaires, lab observation or interviews.

For Remote Testing, we are able to design the research plan and assist you in implementing it in your website or mobile application.

UX Project Management

User Experience is not an isolated part of your project. Our Project Managers can help you in making sure it is well integrated and act as a Product Owner to bridge the gap between your publics and the Development Team.


Lisbon is not short on developers, agencies and startups. The challenge is in navigating this ecosystem to find the right partner.

For this reason part of our work involves building detailed Briefings and Requests For Proposal as well as providing a list of partners that can fulfill the scope of the project.