How We Work

More than a Team, a Network

Lisbon is home for a wide range of professionals from all walks of life and the four corners of the globe. The Lisbon Collective links them to companies looking to develop projects or acquire specialized services and assists in coordinating the project.

Selection of Projects

Each new project is unique and evaluated as such. Once we receive your initial contact we will schedule a call to discuss and enquire on your precise needs to write a taylored proposal.

We don’t take on every project that reaches us. We may direct you to a company who is more suited to your needs or able to deliver a greater value.

Picking only the best

The Lisbon Collective acts as a network of professionals and your proposal will include the scope of the work, deliverables and, most important, the Team.

The selecion criteria takes into account their previous experience with similar projects, availability and afinity to your market.

Walking together

With the proposal you will be appointed an Account Manager or Project Manager. Someone who will bridge the timezone gap and assure the quality of what is delivered.