Digital Transformation

Companies tend to crystalize and lose their competitive advantage. This happens for two main reasons, one is related to a hard time keeping intelectual capital, the other is letting business processes become outdated.

Knowledge Management

More than just find the right tools, it’s important to assure adoption of the new processes and train champions on each area of business in how they can make the best of these tools.

Within the Lisbon Collective we have partners that can cater to both these needs of implementing the tools and motivate users to use them at their full potential.

Business Process

“If it’s working, don’t fix it.” This sentence leads most of the companies’ day to day and as a result we see little or no innovation applied to repetitive tasks, and a disregard for exploring what can be automated.

We help by conducting careful audits of your current business process, redesigning them, and defining a plan to implement new tools and processes. “We have always done it like this” is just the start of the conversation.